What Is Car Key Used For Escape From Tarkov?

What does a car key do in EFT?

The Car key used to unlock the now permanently unlocked trunk of the white Dacia parked at the Customs dormitory.

What is SMW car key for tarkov?

Used for. Unlocks the truck of the SMW parked at the unlocked house next to the locked cottage on Shoreline.

What is the VAZ car key?

This key has currently no use. VAZ car key (Shestyorka) is a Key in Escape from Tarkov.

What does the unknown key open?

Opens the Cabin in the Crane Area near the Shortcut on Customs. Unknown key (Unk. key) is a Key in Escape from Tarkov.

Where is the portable cabin key of Customs factory zone?

The Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone spawns behind the locked office located on the third floor of Factory. Firstly, to access this office you will need the Factory Exit Key to unlock the door. Then, locate a jacket hanging in the room by the door.

How do I put a car key on my iPhone?

How to add car keys to the Wallet app on your iPhone

  1. Make sure that your car is associated with the account provided by the car’s manufacturer.
  2. Open the car manufacturer’s app and follow the instructions to set up a key.
  3. When the app sends you to the Wallet app, tap Continue.
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Where is the gas analyzer EFT?


  • In Jackets.
  • In Buried barrel caches.
  • In Dead Scavs.
  • In Drawers.
  • In Ground caches.
  • In Sport bags.
  • In Technical supply crates.
  • In Toolboxes.

What is the six pack key for?

Now, the Sixpack key is the name that players refer to the item as. Players may want to keep their hands on one if they find it just in case use for the sixpack item becomes available in the future, but for the time being, it can not be used for anything that will help you find success.