Question: How To Change The Battery On A Lexus Car Key?

How do you change the battery in a Lexus key fob?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your hands are completely dry.
  2. Push the release button on the side of the fob so the key comes out.
  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to pop open the key fob cover.
  4. Remove the battery, first removing the key module if it’s there.
  5. Replace the battery, facing it with the plus side up.

What kind of battery does a Lexus key fob take?

Most 2010 to current model Lexus vehicles use CR1632 and CR1616 Panasonic┬« batteries, which can be obtained through a Lexus dealer, electrical appliance shop or camera shop. For battery replacement procedures, please refer to your Owner’s Manual under the Do-it-yourself Maintenance section.

What does Key battery low mean on Lexus?

If your Lexus key fob isn’t functioning like it used to, it may be time for a Lexus key battery replacement. These batteries can last for 1-2 years, and a low-battery alert will sound in the cabin when the engine is stopped.

Who can make a Lexus key?

Keys can be obtained from the Parts Department of your local Lexus dealership. Please note, the Lexus dealer will require proof of ownership and a valid photo ID in order to release the key. The dealership will need your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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How much does a battery for a Lexus key cost?

Here is all the information you need. The type of battery you need is a CR-1632 for HYQ14ACX remote key fob and a CR-2032 for HYQ14FBB remote key fob. The average price for these batteries is about $5.

How much does a Lexus key fob cost?

You also need the right assistance to program your fob and ensure it works just as well as the original. If you work through a dealership and your vehicle is still under warranty, the roughly $375 cost per replacement key fob may be covered.

What battery is equivalent to CR1616?

Common labels for CR1616 equivalent batteries are DL1616, BR1616, ECR1616, 280-209, GPCR1616, LiR1616, KCR1616, 5021LC etc. Most labels, but not all, include ‘1616’ in the label to indicate the battery size.

How do you program a Lexus key fob?

Press and hold the “Lock” button for one second. The locks should cycle once, which means your Lexus has accepted the new remote. If the locks cycle twice, the reprogram was not successful; start over from the beginning. Close and open the driver’s door to complete the reprogram on the remote.