FAQ: 2016 Kia Sorento How To Start Car With Key?

How do I start my Kia Sorento with the key?

Starting the Car – If you notice the battery in your key fob losing power, simply hold the key fob to the remote start button. Simply use the key to push the button to start.

How do you start a Kia with a key?

Use the Smart Key There is a slot inside the center console that you insert your smart key into if the battery in your key fob is dead. Then depress the brake pedal and push the start/stop button, and your vehicle will start. If not, your car’s battery is most likely dead.

Where does the key go in a Kia Sorento?

The Kia Smart Key houses the mechanical key inside the fob, rather than on the side; instead of a button in the upper left corner, you’ll find a small rectangular release button on the lower backside of the Kia Smart Key fob.

Does 2016 Kia Sorento have remote start?

The 2016-2018 Kia Sorento Remote Starter is a comfortable way for anyone to simply stay inside and start their car to both defrost the windshield and to get the inside all nice and toasty for the drive.

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How do I get a replacement key for my Kia?

Go to your Kia dealer and order a new key. Based on the VIN, the Kia dealer should cut the new key without having the car there. In some cases, they may have to order a new metal key, taking on average two to three days to arrive. Once you pick up the key from the dealer, you can use it to start the car.

Do Kia cars lock automatically?

There is not an automatic locking feature, as described by OP, on the 4th Gen Sportages, of any trim. If the car is locked, unlocked by the fob, but no door is opened within 30 seconds, the car will relock. That’s as automatic as the car gets.

How much is a new key for a Kia Sorento?

In short, replacing a Kia Sorento key can cost between $125 to $425.

How do I reset my Kia Sorento key fob?

Enter your Kia and place the key in the ignition, turning it as far as it will go without starting the engine. Push the lock button on your key fob for three seconds, until the lights on your dashboard blink. Your key has been reprogrammed, and your alarm and computer have been reset.

Why does my Kia lock itself?

yup, its a “safety” feature. its made so that if you accidentally hit the unlock button while the key is in your pocket, it would lock back up. many cars have it.