Often asked: Why Does My Car Computer Say No Bus?

What does it mean when your car says no bus?

check all grounds and sensor plugs. “No Bus” means the CCD communication bus is down. This “bus” is the 2 wire communication network that all the computers share information on. Your instrument cluster isn’t gettin any info over the bus that’s why you get the ‘no bus’ message and none of your gauges work.

How do I clear a no bus code?

error code no bus?

  1. Check connections to the PCM throughly AFTER disconnecting the battery.
  2. Clean connections to the PCM and reconnect throughly.
  3. Reset PCM.
  4. Reattach battery.

What is no bus code?

“No bus” is your ECM telling that one of the other computers onboard doesn’t wanna talk to the ECM. This is “usually” a wiring/connector problem. Check you wiring/connections, especially under the drivers side kick panel.

What would cause no bus mean on a dodge?

If You see a no bus error message on the instrument cluster in Your Dodge Dakota that means that Your gauge cluster has lost communication with the ECU. If it is loose at all then that would lead to a loss of communication. Another reason that You may lose communication is if the ECU has frozen and needs to be reset.

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What is a PCM do?

The PCM is a powerful computer that is in charge of managing or monitoring the engine’s ignition system. It also has to monitor the fuel injection, emission systems, positioning of the rotating assembly, transmission, and exhaust system.

What does no bus mean on PT Cruiser?

No bus means a disconnect between the instrument cluster and the computer system. Probably a bad connection at the cluster.

What does no bus mean on a dodge Nitro?

“No bus” indicates that the communication between the computers has failed. The computers communicate via a CAN BUS system. Kind of like a computer network at work or home does. This can be caused by a loose/bad connection at any one of the computer systems in the Nitro.

What does no bus mean on a 2005 dodge Stratus?

No Bus means a sensor or module has taken the 2.5 volt bus circuit down. The only thing you can do now is start by unplugging sensors one at a time or modules.

What does no bus mean on Chrysler 200?

“No Bus” refers to the data bus by which the computers communicate with each other and with the various components which they read and control. It’s not working. Think of it as a single wire that runs through the car with tap off of it for pretty much everything that the computer communicates with.

What does no bus mean on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring?

“No Bus” means that the network that connects the car’s computers to each other and to the things they monitor and control is not working properly. Changing the crankshaft position sensor is like changing a light bulb when there’s a power failure in the neighborhoodit ain’t gonna help.

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What does no bus mean on a 2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins?

“no bus” means lost communication with the ECM. Pull your connections to your ECM, spray them down really good with electrical contact cleaner, lube em up with dielectric grease, and see what happens. If there is no change, then im sorry to say, but you will likely need a new ECM.

How do you reset the PCM on a 2002 Dodge Dakota?

Remove positive cable from battery, ground positive cable to negative terminal for at least 30 seconds (I usually do a full minute). Reconnect positive terminal. Get in truck and turn key to ON, do not start yet. Watch gauges do their dance until they stop, then start the truck, PCM is fully reset.